The health benefits of the Soursop fruit, particularly with reference to claimed cancer benefits.

Soursop is a delicious fruit that grows in the tropical regions of the world. This unusually shaped edible fruit is considered to have many health benefits that make it worth including in your diet. This fruit may be consumed in different forms and is used to prepare juices, desserts, candies and more.

Some studies have suggested that the soursop fruit and soursop leaves may be able to fight cancer cells in the human body. We have many customers ask us about this and we know you are looking to us for answers as your soursop supplier however we are sorry to say we are not in a position to offer you any advice on this matter. We have not conducted any scientific studies, nor are we medically trained, therefore we do not consider ourselves qualified to answer any questions in this regard. We do consider ourselves to be experts when it comes to sourcing, packing and dispatching soursop as we have now been working with this fruit for many years. Of course if you have any questions about soursop feel free to call or email us however for health related questions please do your own research online.

The UK cancer research website does share some information about the soursop fruit. We encourage you to read this information which can be found by clicking here.

Here at Soursop UK, whatever reason you are looking to order the soursop fruit, we are here to supply you.

We receive weekly shipments of fresh soursop when it's in season, although less frequent shipments when the fruit is out of season in the winter. As well as the fresh fruit we also have frozen soursop, soursop leaves, soursop leaf powder, soursop fruit powder, soursop teas and soursop sweets. All of these products can be delivered to your UK address. Fresh soursop may take longer to arrive depending on the time of year but other dried soursop and frozen soursop goods will usually arrive to you within a few working days.