Miracle berries

Miracle berries and why

they might be good for you

As the name suggests, miracle berries have almost miraculous qualities!

The miracle berry originates from West Africa, where it is said to have been first discovered in the 17th century, although it is likely to have been enjoyed by natives for much longer.

From their outward appearance, you would not guess that these miniscule fruits hold any particularly special qualities: these small, elongated berries with smooth, glossy red skin look delicious, but otherwise unassuming. Yet, when you eat one you will understand why they have become a global sensation!

Believe it or not, this amazing berry has the ability to change anything tart, pickled, fermented, or acidic to sweet – these berries make lemons taste like lemonade, and limes taste like oranges! How does it work? The berry contains a glycoprotein known as ‘miraculin’ that binds to your taste receptors, blocking anything sour and instead making it sweet. A totally natural, surreal experience!

Unlocking this astounding experience is really simple. First, make sure your palette is clean by rinsing your mouth out with water. Then take 1 berry, and chew it with your front teeth for 30 seconds, moving the pulp of the fruit around the front of your tongue. This will cause it to migrate towards the back of your tongue without you having to worry about it. And that’s it! You can now enjoy 15 to 20 minutes of flavour-changing effects! Test the miracle berry’s power by biting into a lemon or an onion immediately after you finish chewing the berry – you will be wowed when instead of being overwhelmed by bitterness, your tastebuds are greeted with a glorious sugary sweetness!

This wondrous effect of turning bland foods into powerhouses of flavour means miracle berries are ideal for dieters too – as this video by ABC News argues, you can drastically reduce your sugar and calorie intake when you’ve got these natural sweeteners! They are also useful for people who have a dulled or altered palette as a result of starting on new medications, because their flavour-changing ability means they are capable of restoring taste for some people.

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