Why soursop

Why soursop?

Many of our customers find themselves asking - why should I choose soursop? (Also known as guanabana and graviola). We wanted to write a short blog entry to share our thoughts!

In many tropical regions of the world, soursop is available in abundance and the local population consumes the fruit regularly by eating the whole ripe tasty fresh fruit or making it into a delicious juice/smoothie. It's a completely routine part of the diet, just as in the UK people are accustomed to eating fruits like apples and oranges. Here in the UK however, the soursop fruit is an exotic addition to the diet which many people may not have experienced.

First and foremost, soursop is a delicious tropical fruit that contributes valuable nutrients and minerals to a healthy balanced diet. It’s a particularly good source of vitamin c, fiber, and antioxidants.

Aside from the soursop fruit is a healthy addition to one's daily diet, there have also been many studies looking at other potential benefits of the fruit and leaves.

It’s important for us to clarify that our team is made up of fruit enthusiasts so our passion and expertise are specific to tropical fruit sourcing and retailing. We’re not medically trained and therefore don’t consider ourselves in a position to offer medical advice with regard to soursop and it's the consumption for the treatment of different illnesses. The studies carried out with the sourop fruit and leaves have predominantly involved animal subjects rather than humans and involved different types of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Some have also looked more specifically at how soursop interacts with cancer cells and fibromyalgia syndrome.

We encourage you to do your own research - a wealth of information can be found with a simple online search.

Ultimately, it's our belief that the soursop fruit and its leaves are a healthy addition to the diet - as long as they're consumed in reasonable quantities. As with other foods, we don't promote excessive consumption. 

Potentially there are more significant benefits to be reaped, but at this stage, they have not been scientifically proven or disproven.

Unfortunately at this stage, we aren't in a position financially to fund any scientific studies to further research the effects of soursop. We are, however, eagerly awaiting the results of studies conducted by other businesses and organizations and hoping for promising findings.

Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers located in various parts of the globe we are well positioned to source the fresh fruit at most times. Our farmers harvest responsibly, and crucially do not over-harvest (by picking too many fruits at one time, including fruits which aren’t yet fully mature) which allows for steady supply most of the year.

The availability of fresh soursop leaves throughout 2019 was not as good as we hoped so we are looking to improve this in 2020. We are actively seeking new suppliers and have received some samples in the last few weeks. We will keep you posted regarding our progress.

We are committed to Soursop UK to provide our customers with good quality, delicious and nutritious soursop fruits which contribute to a good, healthy diet and also to inform our customers of any new developments or findings that we are made aware of.

If you have any information you would like to contribute to this blog article regarding the health benefits of soursop fruit and leaves please send it to info@soursopuk.com