Soursop The Secret for Perfect Sleep

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Soursop: The Secret for Perfect Sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping or any other health issue, which prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep? Soursop, often called the miracle food and true to the name it is indeed God’s gift to mankind. Known by different names across the globe, it is majorly found in some parts of Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia. It is a great tasting fruit that has innumerable benefits of consumption, which makes it much sought-after.

The sweet flesh of the Soursop fruit can be consumed fresh as it is or as juice, candy, custard or ice cream. Other parts of the plant, the leaves, stem, etc. are also eaten in the form of tea or as it is to cure several health problems. Amongst all the other health issues, it is known to cure sleeping disorders and other health problems that may be contributing to your lack of sleep.

The leaves of the Soursop plant are brewed to make a beverage, which is effective in curing irregular sleep patterns. Many people also keep the leaves in their pillows to help them get rid of insomnia. In the West Indies, the leaves of the Soursop plant are commonly used as a sedative. The effectiveness of Soursop plant in enhancing sleep is not backed by enough scientific research but there is a lot of anecdotal material and lay writings in its support.

Apart from being known to render perfect sleep, Soursop fruit offers other health benefits. Its pulp is a rich source of Vitamin C and is full of healthy fiber, which aids digestion. The fruit has been known to cure cancer but there has not been much scientific research about it.

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