Preparation of Soursop Leaf Tea

Preparation of Soursop Leaf Tea

The amazing benefits of soursop leaves are well known and soursop tea has become an integral part of a healthy and clean lifestyle for many. Some still drink it just as a flavored beverage from time-to-time. The drink comes with a refreshing scent and a taste that lingers for good! Soursop drink is perfect to kill thirst without compromising with taste buds. Tea made from actual soursop leaves is a healthy immune-boosting drink. As we all know how important it is to have a strong immune system, do try to consume the tea regularly. As you are already online, buy soursop from the UK! Fresh soursop leaf tea is definitely going to work wonders for your immunity and overall health.

Making soursop leaf tea is not a task at all. You just need a couple of fresh soursop leaves and water. You don’t necessarily have to start looking for a soursop tree to pluck some leaves every time you want to enjoy this health elixir. You may very well get fresh soursop leaves delivered right at your doorstep.

Follow these simple steps and you will be done making your soursop leaf tea:

  • Get 2 to 3 soursop leaves. Fresh leaves are the best and as we mentioned they may be easily ordered online just like other grocery items. The perfect leaves for preparing the tea are those which are neither too young nor too mature. The leaves which are of dark green color should be avoided.


  • Take a cup of drinkable water and pour the same into a pot. Put the pot on the stove to boil the water. While the water boils, prepare the soursop leaves. Properly wash the leaves. If you want, you may chop them or just tear each of them into 2-3 pieces.

  • Now, put the pieces into a glass or a cup. Keep in mind that the vessel you choose is capable of enduring the temperature of boiling hot water. Pour the water that you boiled into the vessel making it a point that the leaves are completely covered by it. Cover the vessel and let it sit for about 30-40 minutes. The process is often referred to as “drawing the tea.”

  • Your fresh soursop leaf tea is ready to be consumed. You may drink it hot or cold. Add some honey for sweetening. Some people add milk to the preparation while others don’t. The choice is yours!

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