Preparation of Soursop Leaf Tea

Soursop leaf tea: a healthy, delicious treat!

Fruit lovers everywhere have long been singing
the praises of soursop. With its distinctive look, its tantalising taste – its flavour has been described
as a delicious combination of strawberry and
apple with a hint of citrus! – and its many health benefits (acclaimed as a great source of dietary
fibre, vitamins, and minerals), it is no surprise that soursop is so popular!


Yet, what many people don’t know is that it is not
only the fruit itself that does your body good whilst pleasing your taste buds: the leaves do too!


Although not consumed by themselves, soursop leaves are an increasingly popular purchase, as
more and more people are choosing to add some extra flavour and nutrition to their diet by making soursop leaf tea.

There’s a good chance that you love a good cuppa, many of us do but do you fancy a change from your normal English breakfast or Earl Grey? Maybe you
want a morning drink with more health benefits.
We can’t recommend anything more highly than
a refreshing sip of soursop tea. This stunning herbal beverage stuns your sense of smell with its fruity
scent, and its taste, resembling a mix of green tea
and vanilla, lingers on your tongue all-day long. Its healthful properties too make it a good choice. Widely regarded as an ‘immunity booster’, its support of the immune system is complemented by its ability to promote healthy digestion and induce better sleep, qualities that make it extra special!


So, if you are tempted to try this salubrious thirst-quenching treat, why not order yourself some
soursop leaves from Soursop UK and give it a go?
With the recipe all laid out for you below, it could not
be any easier.

Follow these simple steps for the perfect soursop
leaf tea:


  • Get 2 or 3 soursop leaves. Fresh leaves are the best, the ideal ones being neither too young nor too mature. Leaves of a dark green colour should be avoided.


  • Fill your kettle/saucepan and boil a mug’s
    worth of water. While the water boils, prepare the soursop leaves. To do this, simply wash the leaves and then chop or tear each of them into small pieces.


  • Put the pieces into a glass or a cup. Keep in mind that the vessel you choose needs to be capable
    of enduring the temperature of boiling hot water. Pour the water that you boiled into the vessel, ensuring that the leaves are completely
    covered. Cover the vessel and let it sit for about 30-40 minutes. This process is often referred to
    as “drawing the tea”. (Alternatively, use 20 to 30 leaves and boil in 1 litre of water. Simmer the liquid and reduce to around 800ml. Strain the resulting liquid and then refrigerate. It should be consumed over the following 2-3 days for the best flavour).

  • Your fresh soursop leaf tea is ready to be consumed. You may drink it hot or cold. Some people add milk to give it a more traditional tea taste, but the choice is yours. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we recommend adding a dash of honey. Enjoy!


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Just drop in a mug and add hot water!