How to make soursop juice - a delicious drink which you must try!

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How to make soursop juice - a delicious drink which you must try!

The soursop fruit is delicious eaten just as it is, straight out of hand. However, why not try making some juice, it's equally as tasty and packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.

Whilst flavours like orange and apple are very popular here in the UK, soursop juice is almost unheard of.

Whether it's for taste, health benefits or to hydrate on a hot day, if you haven't tried soursop juice, it's time you gave it a try.

For those already familiar with this special fruit, you will know why it's the fruit of choice for many in Southeast Asia, The Caribbean and The Americas where it grows in abundance.

To make your own soursop juice at home there are two options using either the fresh fruit or frozen pulp .

For juice made with the fresh fruit, allow the fruit to ripen naturally at a warm temperature for a few days. Once it's soft to touch all over, you should remove the skin and core then put the remaining soursop flesh in a juicer (more sophisticated juicer models will remove the seeds for you. If your juicer doesn't separate seeds, then you should remove them by hand first). After juicing, the resulting pure soursop juice will be quite thick so you may want to add some ice, water, milk or dairy free milk as well as sweetener to taste.

We recommend mixing pure soursop pulp with almond, cashew or oat milk and an unrefined liquid sugar like agave nectar. Some people also like to add a sprinkle of nutmeg.

For delicious soursop juice with less preparation we suggest using frozen soursop pulp, which is just the flesh of the fruit, frozen at source in Colombia. The pulp can be consumed neat but to make a drink with a juice-like consistency you should add a liquid of your choice, and also natural sweetener if required.

If you want to enjoy soursop juice without the hard work, you can find a drink made from the fruit in our online shop here. We also recommend checking back on our online shop later in 2019 as we expect to be receiving a 100% pure soursop juice product from a supplier in Vietnam.

For further information about making soursop juice, please feel free to message us using our contact page.