How Much Should You Consume Soursop Tea?

How Much Should You Consume Soursop Tea?

Soursop is a tangy, delicious fruit that people around the world use to benefit from its nutritional value. Natives of South America have been drinking soursop tea as a medicinal drink for centuries. The leaves of soursop work as a pain reliever and promote faster healing of wounds. People also use the sap of leaves to treat skin conditions such as eczema. 

In the traditional sense, soursop tea is not an actual tea. The leaves of soursop plants are brewed to prepare a drink that doesn’t contain caffeine. For this reason, soursop tea is considered ideal for people who are seeking caffeine-free tea. 

When it comes to drinking soursop tea, most folks ask the same question - ‘How much soursop tea should they consume in a day?’ As drinking soursop tea is advantageous to the body, it can be easily included in the diet. That being said, the amount of tea consumption varies from person to person. 

For some people, a glass of soursop tea in the morning suffices their consumption needs while others prefer two to three cups of tea throughout the day. 

Before drinking soursop tea, a person must keep their health in mind. For most people, boiling five to seven soursop leaves in one liter of water is sufficient to gain its nutritional benefits. As the potency of soursop leaves is a little stronger than other conventional teas, it’s recommended to take a break of at least ten days after daily consumption up to thirty days. 

Soursop leaves are extremely beneficial to treat different health conditions like high fever and breathing difficulties. However, the result isn’t always impromptu. For this reason, you must maintain a routine to drink soursop tea to enjoy the favorable outcomes, rather than giving up on it.  

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