Fresh Soursop Leaves

Fresh Soursop Leaves

Most of our customers already know about dried and powdered soursop leaves but we’d like to tell you about fresh soursop leaves which are the most nutrient beneficial, as well as the hardest to obtain .Our fresh soursop leaves are transported all the way from St Lucia by plane and getting them here can be quite a lengthy, costly process.

The leaves on a soursop tree are vital to the successful growth of fruit, so to ensure the health of these trees all leaves are sustainably harvested. Expert pickers will hand pick only a few leaves from each tree. The leaves must be of exceptional quality, so this process can take each person hours. Not only do the staff have to be careful about the quality of leaves they’re picking, but they also have to be mindful of the quantity they take. When too many leaves are taken this can cause issues with the trees ability to photosynthesize, resulting in little to no fruit growing. To stop this from happening only 1 to 2 kilos is taken for Selling each week.

After the lengthy picking process is complete the leaves must be cleaned and packed ready for shipping. In order to keep the leaves as fresh as possible they are harvested very late; this enables the leaves to keep most of their nutrients. In fact, they are picked the very same day that our suppliers ship them out. Only fresh spring water from the spring located on the farm is used to remove any debris, so there’s no need to worry about chemicals or contaminants and we all know that spring water is the purest form of water with vital nutrients for the body.

Whilst we are on the subject of chemicals let me tell you how our soursop leaves are all organically grown. This means during their time on the farm, from the day the trees are planted until their very last day in St Lucia when they are picked, they do not come into contact with any chemicals or contaminants. For example pesticide sprays to keep the plants from being eaten by bugs,spiders etc.

After reading all this new, positive and hopefully helpful information, we would be happy to know if you are planning to add some fresh soursop leaves to your next order. You can find our prices and quantities by clicking here. Please contact us via email or telephone with any questions you may have.