3 Soursop Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try Pronto

3 Soursop Cocktail Recipes You Need To Try Pronto

A flowering evergreen tree indigenous to the Caribbean bears a delicious fruit that we know as soursop. The fibrous pulp of the fruit is used to make mouth-watering nectar. It leaves a mysteriously funky finish on the back of your palate, and it is highly improbable that you wouldn’t like the taste! Whenever you buy soursop fruit online, always make sure that it is fresh because the nectar from fresh soursop is refreshing and exotic.

Did you know there are some amazing soursop cocktail recipes? If you are missing hanging out at the bar, you might as well try your hand at a couple of these! Buy soursop fruit online to make fresh nectar for the drinks. At the next at-home Sunday brunch, treat your friends and family with the following cocktails:

Aqua Pearl

A delicious tropical delight, the Aqua Pearl is a must-try cocktail. The star of the drink is soursop nectar. The heady scent, luscious texture, and the perfect tropical fruit flavor of the drink come from the nectar.

You will need three parts soursop nectar, one and a half parts gin, one-fourth part Blue Curacao, two teaspoons simple syrup, two teaspoons lemon juice, two dashes aromatic bitters, and ice. Mix all the ingredients and shake well with ice. Strain into a coupe or chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist, and savor it with loved ones!

Dangriga Fizz

Named after the serene river town in Belize, the Dangriga Fizz is a spicy, sparkly cocktail that is oh-so-drinkable. The overpowering flavor of cardamom is balanced perfectly by the tropical taste of soursop nectar. The drink has a light, fizzy, and fruity taste because of the sparkling wine topper and gin base.

The preparation requires one part soursop nectar, one and a half parts gin, half part lime juice, half part cardamom syrup, three parts sparkling white wine, and ice. Put all ingredients in ice and blend well, except the sparkling wine. Strain the drink into an ice-filled glass, top with the wine. Use a grapefruit or lime twist for garnishing. Serve and enjoy!


Manny Hinojosa, a Bacardi brand ambassador, invented the drink. It is a Star Wars-themed cocktail that looks wonderfully pink and is a delight to the taste buds.

It uses two parts soursop nectar, two parts light rum, one part hibiscus syrup, one part lemon juice, half part aquafaba or egg white, three dashes of orange bitters, and ice. Shake the ingredients with ice. Use a fine-mesh strainer to double strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Lemon zest is perfect for garnishing.

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