The Effectiveness Of Soursop In Defeating Cancer

The Effectiveness Of Soursop In Defeating Cancer

Soursop is a miracle food that grows in the tropical regions of the world. This heart-shaped edible fruit is known to have many health benefits that make it worth including in your regular diet plan. This fruit may be consumed in different forms and is used to prepare syrups, candies, and more. Soursop leaves come with their own set of benefits with UK soursop leaf powder being in demand. Soursop is more than just a tasty treat and boasts of antioxidant and microbial properties. Traditionally, several preparations of Graviola, especially decoctions prepared from the tree’s leaves, bark, fruits, seeds, and roots have been used as a potential medicine to treat various ailments including cancer by the communities, native to South America and tropical Africa.  

Various laboratory studies point out that extracts from different parts of this evergreen tree affect the cell lines of various types of cancers. The fruits, leaves, seeds, roots, as well as barks of the tree, have been found to contain about a hundred annonaceous acetogenins, a natural compound known for its antitumor properties. The concentration of these may vary from tree to tree depending upon the soil of the area where it was grown. Although scientists are still figuring out the active ingredients in different parts of the tree, the results may be indeed promising. 

Here is what research says about anticancer properties of Soursop:

  • Breast cancer- Laboratory research shows that soursop extracts may have the potential to destroy those breast cancer cells which are resistant to different chemotherapy drugs. The crude extract of soursop leaves has an antitumor effect on the cell line of breast cancer. It has been referred to as a ‘promising candidate’ for treating breast cancer which sounds like a good enough reason to include UK soursop leaf powder in your diet.


  • Prostate cancer- Soursop leaf extract may prevent the growth of tumors in the prostate. Studies that have been conducted on rats show that water extracted from soursop leaves effectively reduced the size of prostates in the animal. 

  • Colon cancer- Soursop leaf extracts have also shown significant prevention of cells of colon cancer. Studies point out that the leaf extract may be capable of fighting the cell line of colon cancer. 

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